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"The Driving Force of Snohomish County"

Yellow Cab of Washington is dedicated to providing you with a level of Taxi service that is unmatched. Our attention to customer service and clean spacious vehicles ensure an enjoyable transportation experience.
We are proud to be members of the Everett Community. 
Headquartered near the Everett mall, we have been an economic contributor to the local community since 1996.
With all the options why go with Yellow Cab?
-Professional Drivers
Every driver has had safety training, criminal background checked before they are allowed to drive for Yellow Cab.
-Commercially Insured
Every driver and vehicle is insured for the safety of the public.
-Supporting Local Business
Every fare goes back into the local economy. We get all repairs, parts or services needed from local businesses.
With the largest fleet of taxicabs in Snohomish County, we have the ability to serve our customers better than any other service in Snohomish County.
-Zero Tolerance Policy
We enforce a zero-tolerance policy on the use and possession of drugs (including without limitation, marijuana) or alcohol while operating a taxicab.
-Metered Fares
All fare rates are displayed on every cab. Fares are the same whether a sedan or van. There is never any surge pricing.
There is no cancellation fee, so, if you have to cancel call us.


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